Agriturismo a Montalcino


This town is located on a hill rising up between the valleys. In a strategic position, it was once the centre of many important historical events in ancient times. Its heyday came in the Middle Ages.

The fortress, walls and towers all derive specifically from the defence purposes it served. Today, they retain great special charm from times long past.

The surrounding countryside is rich in picturesque woods and vineyards from which the production of the most famous wine in the world – Brunello di Montalcino, being to wine what Ferrari is to fans of motorsport – and other wines such as Rosso di Montalcino. There are many monuments of artistic interest, with the most noteworthy amongst them being the Palazzo Comunale that recalls Siena’s Palazzo Pubblico (Town Hall) in terms of style, which once housed the seat of the Republic of Siena upon being occupied by the Imperiali; the Abbey of Sant’Antimo; the MuseiRiuniti comprising the Diocesan Museum containing a collection of paintings and polychrome wooden statues from the 16th century; the Civic Museum that houses Robbia ceramics and various frescoes from the Sienese School of painting. It also includes a prehistoric and Etruscan archaeological museum; the Rocca – a pentagonal fortress with ramparts and towers atop, built by the Sienese in 1300s.

Discovering Montalcino and its surroundings means visiting the most beautiful places in Tuscany, including:


The great poet Dante so refers to this jewel, declaring: “… on its circular parapets/Monteriggioni crowns itself with towers…” Passing from poetry to today, the admirably strong city walls are now...
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San Gimignano

Glimpsing San Gimignano from afar is enchanting, surreal. Visiting within its walls is even better. San Gimignano dominates the Val d’Elsa and is known as the “city of towers” due...
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The architect who designed the area during the Renaissance sought out the “ideal city”: Pienza is a veritable little jewel.
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Abbey of Sant’Antimo

A few kilometres from Montalcino stands the Abbey of Sant’Antimo, an imposing monument of Romanesque art. Legend has it that the Abbey was built atop an ancient votive chapel constructed...
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Val d’Orcia

The territory of Montalcino is part of the Val d’Orcia Artistic Natural and Cultural Park, which was awarded the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage recognition in 2004 thanks to its medieval...
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At a distance of 40 kilometres is Siena, a unique city thanks to the substantial stylistic unity of its urban décor, an unmistakable example of Italian landscape. Known all over...
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Another characteristic town is BagnoVignoni, located 25 kilometres from Montalcino. This hamlet of the San Quiricod’Orcia municipality owes its fame to the thermal waters, known since the time of Ancient...
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